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2 Must Read Books for Women by Tahira Kashyap khurrana.
2-Books-Women-Must-Read by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana.

The 7 Sins of Being a Mother.

Paperback – 22 October 2021

A refreshingly honest, real and laugh-out-loud funny voice, who is as much a symptom of her time, as she is the brave exception for simply voicing her truth’ – Vogue There’s nothing as beautiful as the mother and child bond – or is there? In her new book, author Tahira Kashyap Khurrana shows you the darker, smellier, more mortifying and – let’s say it – the infinitely more celibate side of parenthood. From a disastrous post-baby honeymoon to managing the monster nanny and from trying to convince her son to sleep in his own bed to getting her kids to unlearn the swear words they have picked up from a careless parent – Tahira puts it all out there. And alongside these funny stories she tackles the bigger, more serious themes – especially of her own journey to self-love and the guilt that dogs every mom from the day she gets pregnant. Brutally honest and observant, this is a book that will make you laugh and, perhaps, cry just a little too. 

The 7 Sins of Being a Mother.
 Paperback – 22 October 2021

The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman

Paperback – 27 October 2020

The 12 commandments of being a woman will make you laugh (a lot) and cry (a little), inspire you and move you. It may just become your Bible. In this funny, wise and outrageously Frank book, Tahira Kashyap khurrana talks of lying in school about getting her periods, falling in love at eighteen with her future husband, her obsession with having a Triple D bra cup, going on the world?s craziest diets and accidentally getting pregnant because of a Chinese meal. And in doing so, she touches every woman?s secret heart. 


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