healthy aryuvedic decoction for family||


AAYOG PROTECT-Essential Oils for Immunity Boost
AAYOG PROTECT-Essential Oils for Immunity Boost.

About the decoction:

    This decoction 'AAYOG PROTECT' is a mixture of extracts from 21 botanical herbs. The consumption of it is beneficial for the health of the family members. This decoction increases immunity. Although this decoction does not claim to protect from Corona.

Be sure to consult your family doctor before using it.

Extract of 21 ingrediant in this kadha
Extract of 21 ingrediant in this kadha.

My experience with decoction:

    MY family and I have been using it since September 2020, and I am very satisfied by the use of this decoction at the age of 70. I take the quantity of 5 milliliters of the decoction twice a week, after lunch or dinner.
I hope that this decoction will prove to be very useful for your family.

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